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Our largest, premium quality chestnuts, fresh from our farm!

Extra Large Chestnuts size measure over 1 1/8 “. Approximately 24 to 31 chestnuts per pound.

No Heat sterilization process. Nuts are viable.

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57 reviews for X Large Nuts by the Pound

  1. Joseph Caldarella (verified owner)

    As advertised. The chestnuts were xtra large and fresh. Will order again next year.

  2. THOMAS STROUD (verified owner)

    My order was delivered quickly, and was exactly what I ordered. This was my first experience with chestnuts, and we roasted some (in the oven) the same night we received them! The flavor was unexpected, but grew on me quickly. Such a wonderful experience. I plan to plant a few of my seeds to see how well they germinate. Overall a great experience with Chestnut Ridge!
    ~Tom S.

  3. LUDOVIC MEZOSI (verified owner)

    Excellent! Extremely satisfied! Thank you!!!

  4. Allen Dalrymple (verified owner)

    I can give the nuts a 4 at this time. It may be unusual, but the very first one I opened was a ball of fungus. I hope this is not typical for the others. The ad said these nuts were viable and so I am using them for seed to try and grow some trees. They are in a spare fridge now for 3 or 4 months according to the instructions on a you tube video. I hope I have not wasted a year on this project. The second one I opened was good. Planted the rest.

  5. Jerome wison (verified owner)

    First time I have eat the nuts very good. I am going to plant some trees. Will the large make a tree. I know where there is a nut tree that is at least 90 years old . I’m 85 the tree there when I was a kid.

  6. Luisa (verified owner)

    I love having chestnuts for the holidays. I use them in my turkey stuffing and enjoy them roasted in the oven. I can’t find any near where I live so I have ordered from Chestnut Ridge for several years now. Their chestnuts are great quality and I don’t think I’ve gotten a bad one yet. I ordered the extra large and they are a nice size.

  7. Mary (verified owner)

    I can’t wait every year for the email to come that says the chestnuts are available! To heck with cake and candy…just give me your fantastic chestnuts!

  8. Tom Fischer (verified owner)

    Been buying for three years now. Very satisfied. Stratified a few last year and I have 8 good looking trees in pots, Getting ready to transplant soon. Probably try a few more this year.

  9. Karl Fabian. (verified owner)

    I usually buy the Italian chestnuts. Your chest nuts were a wonderful surprise. The best I ever had.Very easy to peel.

  10. Jose Rodrigues (verified owner)

    I do have to say these are the best chestnuts i’ve had, but I’m pretty disappointed this year. I ordered the XL and half were just the regular large ones. Just not happy paying extra for the XL and getting a mixed variety.

  11. Anne (verified owner)

    These are the best chestnuts I have ever had! I’m so glad I ordered this year.

  12. WNY Lisa (verified owner)

    I ordered 5lbs of the x-tra large chestnuts — after eating a few raw, and roasting another handful, I put in another order (this time for 10lbs!) They are very good quality nuts: super-fresh, easily pop right out of shell after roasting, delicious flavor. My only quibble is that the size of the nuts were so small I was convinced that I’d been shipped the small size rather than extra large. However, again, the taste and quality were so good that I quickly stopped caring about the size issue. Thanks so much for a superior product, Chestnut Ridge!

  13. Robert P. (verified owner)

    These Chestnuts have a great taste I look forward to getting them every fall.

  14. Mary Bogner (verified owner)

    I buy these every year and they are the freshest. I wish I could have them year around! They are the best

  15. cborth (verified owner)

    Wonderful. The best chestnuts I’ve found in Illinois. Absolutely no issues with the quality. Chestnut Ridge not starts with a good product, they follow through with shipping practices that ensure that the chestnuts are fresh and tasty when they arrive.

  16. Carolyn (verified owner)

    These are the best chestnuts! I buy them every year. Can’t ever get them from the grocery store anymore once I tasted these.

  17. James Begley (verified owner)

    2nd Year I ordered, Was very happy with last Years nuts.. This Years Look just as good…..

  18. Toby Wright (verified owner)

    Very good quality chestnuts will order again!!

  19. bigbuckdown (verified owner)

    Only a few were extra large. First time ordering. No bad ones just alot of smaller ones

  20. Cody Wright (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd year ordering chestnuts. They came in a timely manner and in good condition. Couldn’t ask for better product and service.

  21. Steve M. (verified owner)

    Placed my order for this year and as usual got outstanding communication/processing service. When I received my order I had an issue which I brought to Chestnut Ridge’s attention. Within 24 hours I received a call, was offered a gracious solution (which I accepted) and was assured my package would be sent out the next day. It was and I received it 2 days later. I am not a large dealer by any account…just the average guy getting some chestnuts for planting and eating. Was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, understanding and promptness for a customer of my level. Also wanted to note that the phone conversation was very engaging and my opinion was sought, offered and welcomed. At no time did I feel like I was being rushed to get off the line or was being treated as a “number”. I have ordered/bought many items from Chestnut Ridge and will continue to do so as service/products are second to none! Thanks!!!

  22. Laura J (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied, year after year – EXCELLENT quality chestnuts and customer service. Saddest day of the year is when we eat the last one! Thank you Chestnut Ridge!

  23. Nick Zullo (verified owner)

    Love the chestnuts. This is the third time I’ve ordered and happy every time!

  24. Fatima Rodrigues (verified owner)

    Excellent! Been buying for years. Sweet, delicious, best chestnuts out there.

  25. Rick Pendarvis (verified owner)

    First time buying from you. Looking forward to roasting and munching.

  26. Nicholis Graf (verified owner)

    Been purchasing chestnuts from chestnut ridge for 5 years now. I haven’t received my most recent order yet but I’m sure they’ll be great! I love eating some raw and roasted very sweet! I’ve had amazing success with growing trees from their seed, wish I could upload pics of my 5 yr olds, they are absolutely loaded with viable large chestnuts already! I think my best tree has 22 burrs on it. They started dropping last weekend (Oct. 6th) which will be perfect for upcoming deer seasons in the future, can’t wait!!! Thanks for making this possible
    Nick Graf

  27. John C Nash, MD, PhD (verified owner)

    I have purchased nuts for several years with excellent results, both in eating and planting. My trees are getting close to producing nuts and I am delighted with the size and the quality of them after only about 2-6 years. The service of Chestnut Ridge is excellent! I look forward to a few more years of doing business with them before I produce my own nuts for my use and goals,ie: eating, and spreading the Dunstan chestnut around the woods of Central Arkansas.

  28. brian fauth (verified owner)

    Ordered more this year, excellent eating, nuts we didn’t eat I stratified with the seed nuts I bought, both products excellent!

  29. John C Nash, MD, PhD (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing chestnuts from Chestnut ridge for several years. I usually obtain the extra large nuts and eat several and plant the rest. After proper conditioning(peat moss and 40 degrees)almost all of them sprout and have a very good tap root. These I have planted on my property out in the woods of Arkansas. I currently have more than a hundred trees from five to one year growing well on my 160 acres. These are scattered randomly, not in an orchard setting. Probably the only Chestnut forest in Arkansas. My trees had their first nuts this year, and I look forward to the deer, turkeys, bears, squirrels, and rabbits enjoying many, many more next year. The nuts are delicious, large, and almost 100 % viable. The service is outstanding and the prices are very, very affordable. We are greatly Blessed to have the Dunstan Chestnuts available to return them to nature. I have never had a bad nut and they germinate wonderfully. Look forward to several more years of purchasing and planting nuts from Chestnut Ridge before my operation is self sustaining:nuts for me to eat and nuts for the squirrels to plant in the wild.

  30. steve m.

    I ordered 3 lbs. of “extra large” chestnuts. The intent was to combine them with some other items to make a special gift. Unfortunately, upon opening the package I was really disappointed in thesize of the nuts. There were only three that I would consider large…all others were small with numerous ones about the size of a quarter. Needless to say I could not use them and had to go to a grocery store to acquire some that would not be an embassment to send. Dealt with this company before and have bought their products (via online and direct from resellers) with no issues. Not sure what happened here but very disappointed.

    • CRPK (verified owner)

      Hello Steve,

      We are extremely sorry you did not enjoy our wonderful chestnuts. In the future, if you ever find yourself not happy again, please contact us at info@chestnutridgeofpikecounty.com and we work with you to deliver the quality you deserve.

  31. Steve Kraeger (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering from Chestnut Ridge and I am happy with the service and quality of the chestnuts. Checkout and shipping were very simple and prompt respectively. I’ve already roasted and eaten some of them and they were delicious.

  32. Mark Caplenor (verified owner)

    You guys have the BEST Chestnuts. I have tried many many places, and without a doubt these are the best in the Country. I am not just saying that. You only have to try them once and you will not believe how easy these are to peel, and enjoy. The size are much bigger than what you get at other places.

  33. Dan Busse (verified owner)

    Just received my chestnuts. They look really good. I ordered the extra large since I will be planting most of them. Hopefully they will germinate well. Three quarters of them were very large. The other quarter were a little smaller – not what I would call extra large.. I am still very satisfied with them. Tasted a few of them and they are very good.

  34. Rod Hall (verified owner)

    Excellent Nuts this is my 3rd year ordering best ever will continue to order. Ordered X large and large always right size.

  35. Chad C

    Prompt shipping. Can’t wait to get them in the ground.

  36. Brad Zoller (verified owner)

    I ordered the extra large chestnuts this year to see how many would germinate compared to the seed nuts I purchased last year.I plan on giving to others to plant after they get growing.Nice big chestnuts without any damage great product.

  37. DAN GRIMM (verified owner)

    Best chesnuts ever..

  38. Mary Bogner (verified owner)

    These chestnuts are so yummy! I criss cross the nuts with a sharp knife and soak them in salt water for about a half hour. Then I roast them in a covered pan with butter. I can’t get enough of them. When all I have left are the empty shells, I am still looking for more!

  39. Chad (verified owner)

    My very first time eating chestnuts. Smelled delicious and tasted like a dry sweet potato. I made chestnut soup and my children devoured it. Can’t wait to grow my own!

  40. Roy Griffin (verified owner)

    Excellent Product and Service

  41. Bret stephens (verified owner)

    My first order on my chestnut journey!!! After reading countless blogs and other media the most glowing recommendations were with you guys. I wasn’t disappointed. Delivery was fast and the nuts look great.

  42. brian f. (verified owner)

    excellent nuts! quick shipping, eating nuts were delicious, shared with my dad, seed nuts are in fridge for stratification, will review results in spring!

  43. Mary Ann Lehnen (verified owner)

    AMAZING as always. I have never gotten bad chestnuts from chestnut Ridge. When I am roasting them it reminds me of when I was a child and my mom and dad would roast them. Thank you so much for your excellent product and memories!!

  44. Kim (verified owner)

    Very fresh, with few bad ones. I don’t doubt a few turned bad because I had stored them in the fridge for a month without opening the well-sealed box they came in. They keep well. My first box was ordered in early Nov., opened and eaten from early December to early January and most were very fresh and delicious. I will only buy these chestnuts!

  45. Paul (verified owner)

    This was my first order for chestnuts and they were awesome! We had them New Years Eve and everyone loved them! We are so impressed we have decided to plant an acre of chestnuts on our farm. Thank you so much for them and the quick shipping.

  46. Richard A. Mosso (verified owner)

    These are the best chestnuts I have ever purchased. For us 23 minutes at 425 degrees. From pre heated oven. I am a repeat customer and will continue for many years, I HOPE!

  47. cheryl Lindahl (verified owner)

    Chestnuts were extra big this year —I have gotten them here for years and never disappointed–yummy—-look forward to them every year–thank you

  48. John C . Nash (verified owner)

    John C. Nash (Verified Owner)-December 6, 2016

    I am in Arkansas, and have ordered extra large Dunstan Chestnuts from Chesnut Ridge for at least three years. My primary use for these large and delicious nuts is for planting, not eating. Yes, I have roasted and eaten many of these, but most have been planted, some in Rootmaker(t) pots, and many directly into the soil. The germination rate is well over 88%, and the survival rate has been nearly 75%. I now have over one hundred, one to three year old trees on my property and am looking forward to the next three years when they start to bear nuts. Every thing about Chestnut Ridge is fantastic and the products are of the highest quality, as is the customer service. I am eagerly awaiting my next shipment of extra large nuts to get cold stratified and plant when they germinate around March. Thank you Chestnut Ridge.

  49. Maria L. Rodrigues (verified owner)

    Best chestnuts !

  50. Ken (verified owner)

    I’m a repeat customer because of the quality of chestnuts I receive from Chestnut Ridge. I just oven roasted a 5-pound bag and only had 2-chestnuts that were not high-quality. Unbelievable when compared to supermarkets or some other internet providers I’ve used. I’ll continue using Chestnut Ridge.

  51. Ben and Elisa Lauritzen (verified owner)

    We’ve been ordering from Chestnut Ridge for a few years now and love the quality and customer service. Best chestnuts this side of the pond! Big, full kernels with exquisite flavor. Shipping is quick and efficient.

  52. Daniel (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering from pike county for a few years now. I’ve only ever had one or two floaters per order (each order was 2-3 lbs) and the chestnuts have always been very big and high quality. They are WAY WAY WAY better than the ones I’ve found locally. I eat some and germinate some each time that I order and have always had a high germination rate for the ones I have planted. A+ seller

  53. Frank (verified owner)

    I recently bought four pounds of X-Large chestnuts. They were not X-Large but they were some of the best chestnuts I have eaten. Will definitely order again.

  54. Tony strouse (verified owner)

    Best chestnuts I have ever had.

  55. Robert Pierson (verified owner)

    Every order that I have received has been delicious, It doesn’t seem to matter how they are prepared even raw they are great.

  56. James T Dees (verified owner)

    This is my first order. I have read GOOD reviews about this company and thought I would buy some of the chestnuts for planting !!!!!!

  57. Kevin (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering chestnuts from Chestnut Ridge for several years now and have never been disappointed. I live in the Chicago area and the chestnuts in the grocery stores around here are terrible with a good percentage of them already rotten. I have never had a single bad chestnut from Chestnut Ridge. They are fantastic!

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