Homegrown in Rockport, Illinois


Family Farmed

・Since 2001・

Our chestnuts are grown on our family farm in Pike County, Illinois.

We currently have 30 acres of chestnut trees in production high on the bluffs above the beautiful Mississippi River Valley. Our trees are planted and tended by hand, and thrive on the lush hillsides.

There is no “middleman” involved in our chestnut production. When you order from Chestnut Ridge of Pike County, you are ordering from us, the grower.

We lovingly pick, clean and package our chestnuts and send them directly from our farm to your home or business.


Many chestnut trees sold in the U.S. are not blight resistant! Blight resistance is extremely important, even in areas that currently do not have blight. Accidental outbreak can destroy susceptible trees.

That is why we only farm DUNSTAN CHESTNUTS

There has not been a single reported instance of Dunstan Chestnuts dying of blight infection in over 30 years. This includes research and breeding programs as well as the many other locations where the Dunstan have been grown throughout the nation.

Dunstan have excellent survival, growth and nut production in a variety of climates, from Zones 5 to 9. They produce heavy yearly crops of large and sweet nuts, better tasting than European, Colossal or Chinese chestnuts.

❝ Everyone loves the taste and freshness ❞
I ordered 10 lbs of large nuts and shared with my family and friends. Everyone loves the taste and freshness. Some of my friends placed their orders immediately. CRPC must have done a wonderful job in growing chestnuts. I will keep a dozen for seed planting next year.
❝ Fast service. Order early !!! ❞
Planted 109 ( 2 pounds ) ” Chestnut seeds for planting ” last year. I had a germination rate of 94.5 % and grew 103 trees to 24-36 inches before May. Great seeds and great producer. Fast service. Order early !!!
❝ Very pleased ❞
This is my third season to purchase chestnuts seeds. Very pleased with the performance of the seeds as well as the outstanding service. Thank y’all for the hard work.
❝ All products are great ! ❞
Purchased multiple times last year and this year, including the large, X Large, Seeds and Wildlife Bulk. All products are great and the people are very nice to deal with.
❝ Sweet and a tradition... ❞
We always enjoy the chestnuts we purchase each year. They are sweet and a tradition that we look forward to at our home.
❝ Great source for fresh chestnuts ❞
Finally a great source for fresh chestnuts! Not a bad one among them, even though I ordered late in the season (end of December). I see now they are sold out. In the past we’ve had no luck buying chestnuts in stores, usually most are spoiled. These are great! Will order earlier next season….
Went through 4 lbs. real fast. DEEEEELICIOUS. Had to order 5 more lbs. so order at least twice as much as you think you need and save on shipping.
❝ Chestnuts for the Holidays ❞
I love having chestnuts for the holidays. I use them in my turkey stuffing and enjoy them roasted in the oven. I can’t find any near where I live so I have ordered from Chestnut Ridge for several years now. Their chestnuts are great quality and I don’t think I’ve gotten a bad one yet. I ordered the extra large and they are a nice size.
❝ To heck with cake and candy ❞
I can’t wait every year for the email to come that says the chestnuts are available! To heck with cake and candy…just give me your fantastic chestnuts!
❝ Extremely satisfied ❞
Extremely satisfied, year after year – EXCELLENT quality chestnuts and customer service. Saddest day of the year is when we eat the last one! Thank you Chestnut Ridge!
❝ Sorry deer ! ❞
Loved the wildlife feed nuts I carried them to the woods for the deer but I ate them all ,sorry deer!
❝ Best in the Country ❞
You guys have the BEST Chestnuts. I have tried many many places, and without a doubt these are the best in the Country. I am not just saying that. You only have to try them once and you will not believe how easy these are to peel, and enjoy. The size are much bigger than what you get at other places.
❝ Seeds looked wonderful ❞
Preparing to start a chestnut orchard in central NY. Seeds looked wonderful, they are resting in my refrigerator for the winter! I ordered 10 pounds and received well over 400 seeds. Very excited, will order again next year.
❝ Superior product ❞
I ordered 5lbs of the x-tra large chestnuts — after eating a few raw, and roasting another handful, I put in another order (this time for 10lbs!) They are very good quality nuts: super-fresh, easily pop right out of shell after roasting, delicious flavor. Thanks so much for a superior product, Chestnut Ridge!
❝ By far the best ❞
Ordered 4 pounds. Received in 2 days. Every single nut was quality. I’m starting an orchard so I’ve ordered from several places and Chestnut Ridge is by far the best in service and chestnut quality so far.
❝ Made all the difference... ❞
The nuts I ordered last year have done excellent. Planted some in tree tubes and that made all the difference in the world. I have some trees coming out of the top of a 5’ tree tube the first year. I germinated 88 seeds (2 lbs.) and had 84 successfully sprout. I done as the instructions entailed and the outcome was great.



We would love to be able to presell our chestnuts but unfortunately we cannot. Mother Nature decides how many chestnuts will grow on our trees!

Nothing is more important to us than for you to receive the freshest Chestnuts we have to offer, as they are perishable. We ship our products with USPS Priority Mail with the sole purpose of limiting transit time. We only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Usually you can expect your chestnuts to be delivered between 2 to 3 business days. Visit our ” Shipping Policy “ to learn more about shipping terms.

Chestnuts are perishable and we recommend to eat them at their peak, within a week of arrival. The bottom crisper of your refrigerator is the perfect place. We recommend to keep them inside a brown paper bag at medium humidity level. Check them regularly to ensure temperature settings are optimal based on the type of refrigeration used.


Our Chestnut Seeds are our best quality of chestnuts for planting. We hand-select premium chestnuts from our best trees for your planting pleasure and to insure the best quality seedlings.

YES! Our chestnuts are NOT heat treated, ergo are fully viable. If your goal is to raise a chestnut orchard, we recommend our best quality Chestnuts Seeds for planting.

Upon arrival, your chestnut seeds should be stored in the refrigerator bottom crisper at a temperature between 34°F to 38°F.  Chestnut seeds require a period of cold stratification to sprout. We recommend beginning stratification at the end of October (or upon arrival if on a later month). Instructions on how to stratify, on our “Stratification Page”.


You certainly may!!! Remove the outside shell, remove the furry skin and pop them in your mouth. Even thought they will taste delicious, the flavor and smell of a roasted chestnut is unbeatable & ten times better.

Chestnuts have a leathery shell which must be removed before eating. You may boil, microwave and baked chestnuts, however we prefer to roast them on open fire or over the stove on a cast iron skillet. The shell has to be scored before roasting to make them easy to peel and prevent them to explode during cooking. We DO NOT suggest hammers, chainsaws or food processor. If a squirrel can do it, so can you!

If you don’t know the answer play ” The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole. Everything tastes better on an open fire. However you can use two different methods.

⒈  Score the Chestnuts and place them on your favorite sheet pan and roast them in the oven at 350º F. Depending on the size it could take from 10 to 20 minutes. Test if they are ready by opening one up. If the furry skin still sticks to the nut, roast them longer.

⒉  Score and place the chestnuts in a Carbon Steel Chestnut Pan. Cook them at low heat over the stove or open fire until the shell comes open. Test if they are ready by opening one up. If the furry skin still sticks to the nut, roast them longer. DO NOT leave them unsupervised as the open flames going trough the holes at the bottom of the pan could seriously burn your chestnuts.