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  • Hand harvested & hand selected from the best producing trees of our farm
  • Approx. 39 to 48 chestnuts per pound
  • NO HEAT sterilization process
  • Nuts are viable


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56 reviews for Premium Planting Seeds

  1. Laurel N.

    Purchased last year, all but one chestnut germinated after stratification. Would recommend this product and intend to buy more this October. Will be subjecting a few to truffle spores.

  2. Nathan S

    Fantastic quality, at least 95% germination. I stored them below grade in a bucket of sand over the winter. Dug them up and direct seeded some and potted others in April.

    I just leave the pots outside, and they mostly know not to sprout until threat of frost is gone. 3 to 1 peat/vermiculite.

    Any failures are attributable to me or nature.

    I also had a similar germination rate with the XL nuts.

    Chestnut Ridge of Pike County is a high quality business and they should be proud of their product.

  3. Michael Kearney (verified owner)

    Kinda bummed. After months in the fridge, rap roots on all but two. Planted in good soil and hardened them off in my 3-season room. All started to grow, 3-5 inches tall, then suddenly 75% got what I call damping off. The tips died. So I ended up with 13 viable plants.

  4. Jason flaitz (verified owner)

    Thank you for the fast shipping!!! They all looked great, except 5 of them were not good. Thank you

  5. donnie oneal (verified owner)

    Lightning fast service. Will definitely order again next year.

  6. Chris Drozs (verified owner)

    Second year ordering seed nuts. Last year recieved 45 nuts and 44 grew and are 2 foot tall in tree tubes. Great product and wonderful customer service A+++++

  7. Greg Smith

    Ordered 4 pounds. Received in 2 days. Every single nut was quality. I’m starting an orchard so I’ve ordered from several places and Chestnut Ridge is by far the best in service and chestnut quality so far.

  8. Patrick Lantz (verified owner)

    First order from CRPC. Received 2 lbs of planting chestnuts 2 days after order placed. I had a question before the order arrived about peat moss; CRPC responded promptly. Enclosed directions for cold stratification are straightforward. Looking forward to April and chestnut sprouts ready for transplanting. Will definitely order from CRPC again.

  9. Azor and Judy (verified owner)

    We ordered 1 pound of Chestnut seeds and the order was shipped fast and packaged nicely, we got instruction on how to take care of your seeds as soon as you get them, We where very pleased with this business and how they handled our order. Very well done, we will reorder

  10. michael pisanelli (verified owner)

    First time buyer from Chestnut Ridge . I am very impressed with the prompt shipping and great packing. Have been growing chestnut trees for three years now (in tubes) and have trees over 10′ tall. These were from Empire and am pleased with them but thought I’d shake it up and try some from CROPK. They immediately went to the fridge for stratifying. Pleased-thanks!

  11. Peter Antonowski (verified owner)

    I have purchased these seeds every year for the last 3 years and have had really good success with them. I live in upstate PA. and these do really well even with our winters the only suggestion I would make is make sure you use tree tubes they really speed up there growth and protect them from deer.

  12. Kevin (verified owner)

    First time customer. Easy to order. Shipped immediately. Received in good condition with easy to follow instructions. Looking forward to getting them in the ground.

  13. laurel n (verified owner)

    Received my first order (1 lb, 40 seeds) for planting, none of the seeds floated, immediately went into cold storage per directions. Hoping for great results in the spring.

  14. Eric Rabren (verified owner)

    The nuts I ordered last year have done excellent. Planted some in tree tubes and that made all the difference in the world. I have some trees coming out of the top of a 5’ tree tube the first year. I germinated 88 seeds (2 lbs.) and had 81 successfully sprout. I done as the instructions entailed and the outcome was great.

  15. Chad (verified owner)

    2nd year ordering the Dunstans. I stratified 350 last year and 99% germination rate. (I ate a few pounds). Planted over 200 trees this year and have more in the refrigerator now. Best in the business!

  16. Wesley (verified owner)

    Great service! My 5th year of buying seeds from Chestnut Ridge.

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