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Large Chestnuts by the pound.

Sizes average from 1 1/8″ to 1 1/4″. Approximately 31 to 39 chestnuts per pound.

No heat sterilization process. Nuts are viable.

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Weight 1 lbs


  1. Fritz Lentz

    Finally a great source for fresh chestnuts! Not a bad one among them, even though I ordered late in the season (end of December). I see now they are sold out. We received a steel roasting pan for Christmas to use in the fireplace, and a dedicated chestnut scoring knife. 10 to 15 minutes over hot embers does it. In the past we’ve had no luck buying chestnuts in stores, usually most are spoiled. These are great! Will order earlier next season….

  2. larrybauduin (verified owner)

    Put them in peatmoss in container in frig. hope to plant this spring ,will follow up with what happens

  3. chriscauthen (verified owner)

    This is my second order this year from Chestnut Ridge. My first order was the first time anyone in our area had even seen a chestnut (aside from a select few senior adults in my community when they are small kids). AMAZING!!!! We love chestnuts! Love the flavor
    I placed a second order just over a week ago. The USPS was late with delivery, and also delivered to the wrong house on Saturday evening, but my awesome neighbor got the package to us. Put them straight into the fridge and plan on opening them up tonight.

  4. Dan in Michigan (verified owner)

    Went through 4 lbs. real fast. DEEEEELICIOUS. Had to order 5 more lbs. so order at least twice as much as you think you need and save on shipping.

  5. Linda Caldwell (verified owner)

    Tried to comment about great you guys wouldn’t let me but suffice it to say you guys are absolutely awesome I think everybody should order their chestnuts from you this is her second year ordering they are nothing short of spectacular!

  6. Linda Caldwell (verified owner)

    This is my second year ordering from you. I want to thank you so very much for your trees and love for these wonderful gifts from the Creator!! You are AWESOME!!!!! I want everyone to get their chestnuts from YOU!!!

  7. sUSI nEHLS (verified owner)

    I have been making chestnut dressing at Thanksgiving for many years (50, in fact), depending on nut availability, If I have found them at all in grocery stores, most chestnuts have come in small shrink-wrapped Styrofoam packages, and the nuts are visibly moldy on their exteriors. Or I have found them in open bins along with other nuts, unrefrigerated (a no-no). These chestnuts from years past have always been disappointing: regularly moldy, hard as rocks, and/or blemished, sometimes requiring half of them to be discarded in order to get any to use. Last year, in a grocery store, I stumbled upon a package of chestnuts in a clear package with the farm name and website on it. This was the first time I had ever seen chestnuts marketed with the grower’s name. I figured I was in for a treat. And yes I was! The nuts were the freshest, most blemish-free, tastiest of any chestnut I have ever husked, roasted, and eaten. They were perfect! This year, because I had the package label, I was able to order chestnuts directly from the farm for my annual chestnut dressing for Thanksgiving. Great wonderful nuts once again, shipped incredibly fast. Chestnut Ridge is a terrific resource for all of us who love chestnuts, because now, with the help of online orders, we can purchase them directly from the farm. THANK YOU!

  8. Terrance Jackson (verified owner)

    Awesome Service! Great tasting nuts! I highly recommend! I’ve been ordering nuts for planting for the past 3 or 4 years, and would end up eating a good portion of my supposed planting nuts, so this year I just ordered both seed for planting and several pounds of large nuts by the pound to eat. Both me and my wife love them and have been tearing them up…lol

  9. Jack Bunce

    This is my second year to order and my package arrived yesterday, a day early. The chestnuts look great and are refrigerated as directed for the holidays. Thank you for your prompt attention to my order. I will most definitely order again next year.

  10. Michelle Lee (verified owner)

    The best chestnuts, very tasty. Quick shipping.

  11. Mitch (verified owner)

    Purchased these to plant and eat. John from Lake Erie Chestnuts recommended highly. Easy transaction and quick delivery.

  12. Josepheconway (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, great taste! Only had one bad nut out of two pounds, and the rest were absolutely delicious!!
    When I was young, we would sit around my grandmothers table enjoying chestnuts.
    I am brought back to those moments. Although I remember discarding many more chestnuts. I will be ordering again and again!!

  13. Sheila Conatser (verified owner)

    Always the best. Fast shipping.

  14. Dwight Norris (verified owner)

    Smooth and easy online transaction with quick shipping.

  15. Jude Mould (verified owner)

    Great Chestnuts!! I have 3 chestnut trees on my property and this year I had crop failure. Told friend told me about you and gave me a pound. WOW. sweet, delicious, easy to peel. jus plain wonderful chestnuts. so I ordered 4 pounds to eat and a pound to plant. Thank you for a great product!

  16. Talmadge Smith (verified owner)

    The nuts were very good this year!!! They were very sweet and easy to peel!! I will continue to buy from you year after year!! Hope you have a great year and sell lots of nuts!!!

  17. Bruce Howard

    have used for several years – prompt arrival. great for the holidays, we like to microwave them as is quick and easier than roasting- virtually no wastage if eaten by mid January, otherwise they will start to dry out and become hard.

  18. Ed (verified owner)

    Just opened my shipment of your Chestnuts and can’t stop eating them, brought back childhood memories of roasting them in a frying pan.

  19. Luisa (verified owner)

    I have been ordering from Chestnut Ridge of Pike County for the past few years since I cant seem to find chestnuts where I live. The chestnuts are always fresh and we never get a rotted one in the bunch. Worth the money.

  20. Grant (verified owner)

    Very good product, only a few bad ones out of four pounds!

  21. Bill Smith (verified owner)

    Chestnut Ridge is way better than store bought. About 90 to 92% good nuts in every order. Store bought: 75 to 50% in each order. I wish you would allow visitors.

  22. Kimbra (verified owner)

    First time ordering chestnuts online. Great product and service! I like the recipe idea sheet included. I’m trying the Chestnut spinach dip at Christmas. Thanks

  23. Dan (verified owner)

    Received chestnuts today just before thanksgiving,They all look real good.Thanks for the quick device and quality.

  24. Marco (verified owner)

    It took me a long time to decide which words to use to describe the chestnuts from “Chestnut Ridge”. After writing and erase my review multiple times I decided to go with the so classic: “OMG”. The flavor is amazing, sweet and perfect. They peel easily and the large size cook in such an uniform way it is just pleasant. It is my third time ordering from “Chestnut Ridge of Pike County” and every year it gets better. I love the new website, so easy to use, lots of information and a safe payment method which is always important. I had chestnuts all over the world and I’m glad to be a returning customer at Chestnut Ridge. Thank you for giving back to America a great chestnut. My thanksgiving is not the same without them roasted on the table. From an italian chef, thumbs up!!!

  25. Laura

    I can’t wait every year to have these chestnuts!! I have had chestnuts in France and Italy and these by far surpass in taste and quality. They are so sweet and delicious and I have never had a bad one in the bunch. Great product and excellent service!

  26. Wesley (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure doing business with Chestnut Ridge

  27. Lonnie Whittington (verified owner)

    Wonderful chestnuts, great taste and fast shipping. I will buy more.

  28. Betty Roper (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing chestnuts from you for several years and they are always fresh and very tasty. Thank you….keep up the good work!!

  29. Coni (verified owner)

    These are the best chestnuts I’ve ever eaten in my life, baked in the oven, delicious, they even give you instructions on different ways to cook them Fast shipping. I buy some every October. Thanks !

  30. bruce Howard (verified owner)

    We have purchased the nuts from you over the past several years, and found them very good – fresh, easy to peel- skin does not stick (unlike store chestnuts), very tasty. Prompt delivery

  31. Maria L. Rodrigues (verified owner)

    The best chestnuts around !!

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