Our chestnuts are grown on our family farm in Pike County, Illinois.

We currently have 30 acres of chestnut trees in production high on the bluffs above the beautiful Mississippi River Valley. Our trees are planted and tended by hand, and thrive on the lush hillsides.

There is no "middleman" involved in our chestnut production. When you order from Chestnut Ridge of Pike County, you are ordering from "US", the grower.

We lovingly pick, clean and package our chestnuts and send them directly from our farm to your home or business.


Day to Day Operation

We all know farming is not easy task. Here in Illinois, weather plays a crucial part in our success. We tend our trees every day to ensure their health. We mow their yard, we prune them, we clean them and in nature spirit we talk and sing to them so they are ready to rock 'n roll when harvest month arrives!


Come mid-September our chestnuts are getting ready to fall from the trees. We don't force them prematurely, we wait for their descent. We gather our equipment, our help and raise our sleeves. We commence our harvest and we don't stop until last chestnut falls. During harvest we also have to think about removing the nut from the burr, clean them, select them and ship them to you.

The Final Pleasure

Not everyone knows the feeling and taste of a warm, perfectly roasted chestnut. Our chestnuts are sweet, as they should be. We are happy to see them leave our orchard as they make their way into your hands, whether it be for fun, gourmet dining, health or the traditional Holiday Celebrations.