Whitetail & Wildlife Chestnut Food 10# Bag

Whitetail & Wildlife  Chestnut Food #10 Bag
Whitetail & Wildlife Chestnut Food #10 Bag
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Product Description

10lb bag of 100% Chestnuts. A perfect natural food and attractant for all wildlife. These small but tasty Chestnuts are a natural favorite for Deer, Turkey, Squirrels, Rabbits,and more. They can't seem to resist the delicious treat. All of God's creatures love the Chestnut.

Special Chestnut treat without growing the trees

Since we are "nuts" about our Chestnuts we try to ship most orders Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to make sure they are fresh and delicious when you get them.

Chestnut Ridge of Pike County
Rockport, IL 62370